Why Ziplet

Understand the learning science behind Ziplet. From pedagogical certification, to research-based design, we have built Ziplet to best support teachers and students to improve learning outcomes.
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The Education Alliance Finland has certified Ziplet as being of excellent pedagogical quality, aligning primary skills that students engage using Ziplet with the CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) framework.

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Ziplet has earned the Digital Promise research-based design product certification, recognizing that research about student learning is fundamental to the design of our product.

Ziplet Logic Model

The learning science behind how teachers, students and leaders benefit from using Ziplet.
An image of a Logic Model describing the Inputs, Activities, Outputs and Outcomes related to using Ziplet with respect to Teachers, Students and Leaders.

Instructional lesson ideas

Our questions focus on key areas designed to help you engage and understand students.

Formative assessment

Quickly check student comprehension. Ziplet lets teachers send questions quickly and easily, with student responses received instantly.

Instantly visualised student responses, including charts and word clouds, make it easy to identify which students "got it" and which need further support.

Student well-being

Check in with your students. The privacy and anonymity options provided by Ziplet give students a safe space to speak about issues affecting their personal well-being.

Teachers and schools can schedule regular questions to understand individual and collective student well-being as well as tracking issues over time. Schools can gain further insight by segmenting student data to understand particular areas where students might be struggling and use those insights to take action.

Student perception

Understand your classroom from your students perspective. Ziplet gives a unique insight into the experience of your students and can help identify issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Access standardised classroom climate assessment questions designed by education experts.

Relationship building

Build respectful relationships with your students. Ziplet offers a range of template questions aimed at building better relationships between students and teachers through mutual understanding.

Lesson reflection

Make it stick. Encouraging students to reflect on their learning can help beat the forgetting curve and identify areas for growth. Using Ziplet to prompt reflection can allow you to refresh learning both in and out of the classroom.

Social and emotional learning (SEL)

Ziplet provide a low risk space for students to respond to questions which might otherwise be sensitive. Encouraging students to think about and respond to questions which encourage them to reflect on their behaviour towards others, as well as their own thoughts and emotions can encourage greater honesty and participation in Social Emotional Learning.

Share anonymised results with the class can also provide a starting point for conversations about SEL topics.

Research base

Student to teacher feedback is universally cited as a low cost but high impact approach to improving student outcomes. Read contributing research about the power of feedback in the classroom.

Loved by teachers in 150 countries and 15,000 schools


Teacher, USA

“Loving this app. Real time feedback is imperative. Formative assessments so quickly too! I asked one of your preloaded questions and got answers that I never got in class. I was mind blown”


Teacher, USA

“I love the immediate feedback I can get from my students. It’s helped me connect with my students on a deeper level than just having classroom discussions! ”


Teacher, USA

“I've been so happy ever since I signed up! I like it a lot, especially to run quick exit tickets with the kids. It's super convenient.”

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Case studies

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