Student perception check-in
Get quick insights from your students that help shape your approach
What are they:

Student perception questions give teachers sharp insights into how well they are being understood by their students in their classes.

Focusing on aspects of teacher practice and class structure in these questions ensures these insights are broad in nature, allowing teachers to adjust aspects of their practice and their approach to better suit the needs of their students.

  • Gain understanding of students ability to learn well in their class
  • Identify areas to adjust practice to improve student learning experience 
  • Promotes ownership of learning
  • Builds student voice and agency
Example questions:
How clear are the learning goals in my class?
1-7 Scale
What is one thing you would like me to START doing in class to help you learn better?
Text Response
How confident are you in understanding instructions in this class?
1-7 Scale
Follow up activities:
  • Analyze average responses from scale based questions and general themes from text based questions
  • Make adjustments based on class results
  • Ask repeat rounds of questions to measure the impact of adjustments made in class
Pro tip:

For scale based questions, ask ‘rounds’ once per term over the school year. This allows you to track the class average over time, and observe how the changes you make as a result of your students’ responses impact their ability to learn in your classroom.

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