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Andrew Philp

St Ignatius, AUS

“Asking daily wellbeing questions on Ziplet has helped me create positive relationships with students early in the year and to empower students to have a voice in their education.

I have issued hundreds of Ziplet questions to students to gauge what they learned at the end of every lesson. These ‘exit tickets’ take less than a minute to set up and organize and the student’s individual answer is recorded immediately. My high response rates means that students feel safe using Ziplet, and gives me incredible insight to build teacher and student relationships and then improve the learning outcomes of my students.

Support tools such as Ziplet help make it quicker and easier than ever to connect with and engage students to strengthen those relationships."

Stephanie krisulevicz

The Salisbury School, USA

“I love the immediate feedback I can get from my students. It’s helped me connect with my students on a deeper level than just having classroom discussions! ”

julie west


“Loving this app. Real time feedback is imperative. Formative assessments so quickly too! I asked one of your preloaded questions and got answers that I never got in class. I was mind blown”

stacy stephenson

Lubbock Schools, USA

“I've been so happy ever since I signed up! I like it a lot, especially to do wellness checks on the kids. It's super convenient.”

Vilma valdez

Campbell Schools, USA

“I have to say Ziplet is AMAZING! Since we have to track student engagement via distance learning it’s great to give them just a quick Ziplet question and see all their responses populate…This teacher is super happy with it =)”

Kiralee Ciampa

Holmesglen, AUS

“Ziplet helps to ensure students feel involved and know that their opinion is valid. It also helps in my own professional development.”

Kimberley story

Bishop Moore Schools, USA

“Students are our greatest teachers too, they get us thinking. Ziplet makes me feel empowered, it's very user friendly. You have to see how this works - it's so easy!”

Lyndon parry

Marryatville High School, AUS

“Connecting with Ziplet has offered a huge opportunity to make an impact on teaching and learning. Staff engage students in questions that can alter the delivery of curriculum and students have the ability to be more involved in the learning process”

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