Student check-ins that improve learning outcomes

Ziplet makes it easy for teachers and school leaders to check in with students and take action to improve learning.

Ziplet can be used school-wide or for individual teachers

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More check-ins, more often

See who’s checking in with their students and support those who need help to get started.

School-wide insights

Ask school-wide questions and get student data in your school dashboard.

Centralised and consistent

Create template questions for your school and access 250+ research backed Ziplet template questions.

Easy set up

Ziplet is easy to use for students and teachers alike. Access online, or via the mobile app.

Time saving features

Repeating and scheduled questions enable consistent data without manual processes.

Support SEL and well-being

Support social and emotional learning with research-backed questions and anonymity options.

Increase student engagement, wellbeing and performance

  • A continuous cycle of gathering and valuing student feedback leads to engaged students, responsive teachers, and collective efficacy

  • Students who perceive greater support from their teachers enjoy higher academic performance

  • Ziplet makes it easy to apply a consistent and effective approach school wide

See more teachers checking in more often

  • Give teachers access to 250+ template questions covering learning reflection, social and emotional learning topics

  • Teachers follow up with students in seconds with quick responses, reactions or group replies

  • 97% of teachers report feeling confident using Ziplet after their first use

Gather school-wide data and spot trends

  • The Ziplet admin dashboard provides visibility of which staff and students are using check-ins

  • Gather aggregated daily data across all your school segments

  • Share school-wide questions that help you activate student voice and understand school trends

Seamless integration

Import and sync classes and students
Quick log in with Google or Microsoft
Share invitation to class channel / stream
Post notifications for new questions and announcements

"Is it worth it? Are we getting impact in the classroom? Are our teachers engaging with it enough? That’s what my boss will ask me - I just showed him the 23,000 responses we’ve gather on Ziplet and that answered it pretty fast."

- Lyndon Parry, Director Of Teaching & Learning – Marryatville High School, AUS

Learn how Ziplet’s research-backed approach improves learning outcomes
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Ziplet uses research backed, certified frameworks for checking in with students

Ziplet is founded on research based principals of feedback and communication. The benefits of student check-ins include:
  • Improve learning outcomes through formative assessment. (Hattie, 2009)

  • Build a trust-based relationship between students and teachers. (Cox, 2012)

  • Improve motivation, engagement and... academic performance. (Dweck, 2006)

  • Improve learning outcomes through increased clarity around learning intentions and goals. (Hattie, 2009)

  • Activate related prior-knowledge memory circuits. (Bransford et al. 2000)

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Ziplet is committed to student and teacher safety

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