Student feedback to engage and retain your students

Measure and create an outstanding student experience to attract and retain students

Start the student growth cycle

Less admin, more insights

Reach students instantly

Ziplet boosts response rates by making feedback easy for teachers and students.
Stop sending surveys and start generating deep, real-time student experience insights.

Built for education providers

Cloud based, easy setup

All results in one place

Key features

Ziplet's feature set makes it the easiest and fastest way to understand your students
Send in an instant

Ask any question of your students in a few clicks. No more survey set-up.

Customise responses

Draw from Ziplet's range of quantitative qualitative question types.

Show progress

Ziplet's charting format automatically shows your progress over time.

Export your data

Export your data at any time for deeper analysis.

Control anonymity

Control how your students can respond at the level of each question.

Mobile and web app

Ziplet runs on all devices to make it easy to keep track of your students.

All data in one place

No need to find data from multiple sources or forms, it's all in one spot


Make an announcement on Ziplet and see which students have read it.

Reply to responses

Ziplet let's your reply direct to your students responses, so you can dig deeper.

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