Engage and retain your students

The fastest and easiest way for educators and tertiary institutes to check in with their students to act smarter and faster.

student pulse

Connect the dots on student experience

Capture every stage of the student experience including classroom learning, enrollment, orientation and work placements.

Understand the whole student experience

  • Regular check ins with all your students provide a continuous flow of student experience data

  • Identify trends that let your institute make smarter and faster decisions

  • Respond to any student to dig deeper and better understand student pain points

Get more responses than traditional student experience surveys

  • Get institute-wide responses from over 20% of your students in under 4 hours

  • Students access via the mobile app, getting instant notifications when a question is asked

  • Data is automatically segmented and analysed to quickly gather insights and take action

Classroom pulse

Create better learning experiences

Help educators check for gaps in knowledge, understand learning obstacles, and adapt their approach.

Help educators spot where students need support

  • A continuous cycle of gathering and valuing student feedback leads to engaged students, responsive educators, and collective efficacy

  • Students who perceive greater support from their educators enjoy higher academic performance

  • Ziplet makes it easy to apply a consistent and effective approach institution wide approach

Features for educators
Intuitive and easy to use

Ziplet is designed to be easy with access online or via the app.

Research backed questions

Access 250+ research backed questions or create your own.

Track student progress

Keep track of changes over time and to monitor improvement.

Give shy student a voice

Ziplet gives shy students a place to speak up away from their peers.

Margie Bainbridge

Instructional leader, AUS

"I don’t have the time to figure out lots of new tools, but with Ziplet it was immediate. The interface is friendly, I love the design, it’s simple, simple, simple. And I’ve also loved the spread of different stuff within it; you’ve got wellbeing questions, pedagogical stuff, I love that scope, not only with the different questions, but also the different ways they can answer. And I also think it’s fantastic is that you’ve got a button for them to be anonymous if I choose."

Learn how to measure, understand and improve student experience
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Teaching & Learning Analytics

Get the right data to leaders

Give leaders access to rich data that informs decisions

  • Give leaders access to institute-wide data through the interactive dashboard

  • Create benchmark questions that enable powerful insights about performance across your institution

  • Go from insight to action faster with real time data insights that update with every new response collected

See positive return on investment through increased completion rates of up to 12%

  • As students are more engaged in the learning experience by their educators and obstacles to learning are removed, course completion rates increase

  • With increased course completion rates and improved learning outcomes, reputation improves

  • Stronger reputation leads to increase in enrolments, supporting further growth

Features for leaders
Seamless integration

Integrations with popular learning management systems available for provisioning and more.

Template questions

Ask institute-wide template questions and get student data in your dashboard.

Institute benchmarking

Understand progress across segments and cohorts to track change over time.

“Our engagement with Ziplet has been high value and high impact, particularly as we move to embed flexible, innovative teaching practices across our organisation as part of our transformation strategy.”

Mish Eastman

Executive Director Pathways & Vocational Education Operations (Former)

client success

Get access to your dedicated client success team

Ziplet for institutes makes it easy to get started, with technical integrations and a dedicated client success team.

Easy integration and dedicated support

  • Integration with your systems, including Azure Active Directory

  • Be confident knowing your teachers are supported by Ziplet's client success team

  • Get value from your data with ready made insights, and in depth analysis from Ziplet's client success team

  • Access bespoke training resources designed for your institute, hosted on Ziplet

Teacher Pulse

Get more from your check ins

Institutes who use Ziplet to check in with their staff increase employee engagement and retention.

Check in on staff wellbeing

  • Understand the factors affecting employee wellbeing

  • Spot trends across your institute

  • Use best practice questions from the Ziplet library or create your own

Promote continuous professional development

  • Give educators a mechanism for ongoing student feedback

  • Use student response data to inform training and development

  • Invite educator mentors to share Ziplet classes

Get feedback in team meetings

  • Increase staff participation and feedback in meetings

  • Optional anonymity functionality promotes authenticity

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