Student well-being
Check how students are feeling outside the learning environment
What are they:

Personal situation checks give teachers the opportunity to make sure their students are coping well with things outside of the classroom that may impact their ability to learn at school. They provide teachers with a deeper understanding of each student’s situation outside the classroom which is useful for planning how to set up future lessons and support structures.

They seek to cover issues and moments that occur outside of school, but can still impact a student’s well-being and therefore their ability to learn. These are crucial for teachers to understand any potential opportunity gaps in their classes and adjust accordingly.

  • Provides important insight into students’ state of mind and experiences outside of the classroom
  • Creates unobtrusive safe opportunities for student dialogue
  • Students have all their experience understood and acknowledged
  • Gives students an opportunity to voice issues and challenges 
  • Improves student social interactions and satisfaction

Example questions:
How are you going outside of school right now?
Emoji response
Who can you turn to when you feel anxious or stressed?
Text response
What helps you get in a good mood when you’re feeling down?
Text response
How much sleep did you get last night?
Multiple choice
Do you have access to the internet at home?
Multiple choice
Follow up activities:
  • Identify students with unsatisfactory responses and address those issues
  • Take further action if needed (e.g. provide or suggest additional resources to support the student).
Pro tip:

Using a numerical 1-7 scale or emoji scale can be a great way to uncover challenges students may be facing that they are unwilling to put into words. Keep an eye out for particularly low responses to these questions and start direct dialogue with the relevant students.

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