Research about how people learn is core to Ziplet’s product development framework, as recognized by the Digital Promise Research-Based Design Certification. The articles below are some of the contributing research.

See why Ziplet is loved the world over


Teacher, USA

“I have to say Ziplet is AMAZING! Since we have to track student engagement via distance learning it’s great to give them just a quick Ziplet question and see all their responses populate…This teacher is super happy with it =)”


Teacher, USA

“I love the immediate feedback I can get from my students. It’s helped me connect with my students on a deeper level than just having classroom discussions! ”


Director of Teaching & Learning, AUS

“Connecting with Ziplet has offered a huge opportunity to make an impact on teaching and learning. Staff engage students in questions that can alter the delivery of curriculum and students have the ability to be more involved in the learning process”

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