Getting started

Ziplet makes checking in with students easy.
Hear from every student in class, and create a learning environment that encourages reflection and wellbeing.
Get started in 3 steps - watch the quick video or follow the steps below.

Create a class

Get started by selecting whichever class type suits the needs of you and your students.

GO! class

  • Best for fast checkins - easy entry with GO! pin code

  • No student accounts required

  • Perfect for students without email, or younger students

  • Fastest setup

A product shot of where students enter a PIN to access
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Connect class

  • Best for ongoing checkins and deeper analysis - quick student log in with Google, Microsoft or email

  • Respond to students with individual and group messaging

  • Class announcements and notifications

  • Import your classes quickly from Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

A product shot of students registering to join a class
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Ask a question

Regardless of your class type, asking a question in Ziplet is quick and easy.  

All classes

A variety of sample questions in Ziplet
  • Huge question library

  • Multiple response types including Quiz and Emojis

  • Teacher-controlled, optional student anonymity

  • Schedule and repeat questions in Connect classes

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Collect responses

Onboarding students to start collecting responses instantly

All classes

  • Students register or enter a pin to join your class and provide responses to your questions

  • Responses are viewed in chart format, qualitative responses display as a word cloud, with individual responses below

  • React to a response with an emoji. Or, reply to individual responses/filter based on response and reply to selected students to start a thread of conversation

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A product shot of the student response chart in Ziplet

Check in with your students in under 30 seconds

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