Lesson reflection exit ticket
Ask students to reflect on the lesson to determine further support
What are they:

Lesson reflection exit tickets help teachers understand how well their students have understood what was covered in a lesson by asking them directly.

Rather than focus on a specific piece of knowledge from the lesson (as with formative assessment exit tickets), lesson reflection exit tickets instead ask students to reflect on their learning from the lesson.

By asking a general question, teachers provide students with a broad opportunity to identify what they understood and where they require further help. And we know that students need their teachers to be responsive to their learning so they can help to move them forward.

Not only does a lesson reflection exit ticket provide valuable data to inform teacher planning, but it also empowers students to take ownership of their learning by self-assessing how well they understood the lesson.

  • Determines general comprehension gaps from a topic or lesson
  • Supports subsequent revision and lesson planning
  • Gives students an opportunity to reflect on their learning and
  • Gives students an opportunity to ask questions if there is a comprehension gap
Example questions:
How well did you understand today’s lesson?
Scale Response
What are you still struggling to understand from today’s class?
Text Response
What is one thing you’d like me to explain more clearly?
Text Response
What is the most important thing you learned in class today? Why is it important?
Text Response
What is one thing you would like to practice again?
Text Response
Follow up activities:
  • Follow up with students who may need additional support
  • Revisit material when comprehension was low
  • Reflect on what the data is telling you - and consider how you might incorporate this into future lesson plans
  • Consider any support you may need to offer students to help them reflect on their learning progress
Pro tip:

Look to run a lesson reflection exit at the end of every class. 

Consider running a lesson reflection exit ticket in conjunction with a formative assessment lesson ticket, such that you’re both asking students to reflect on their learning from the lesson and to demonstrate specific knowledge covered in the lesson

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