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  • Select from a range of response types, including open text, scale, emojis, and multiple choice

  • Students respond to questions in seconds and report enjoying the feedback process

  • Empower students to share their opinions, thoughts and experiences

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one place

  • Access all your students answers in the dashboard with data visualisations

  • Filter student responses to quickly identify who needs support and why

  • Take action by following up one on one or as a group with students who need help

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Ziplet's is the easiest and fastest way to understand your students
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All data in one place

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Carly Hauger
Oregon, USA

"Ziplet provides such valuable feedback for my teaching through exit tickets. I like to ask all kinds of fun questions to build community and give my students a voice."

I love Ziplet!
Vilma Valdez
California, USA

"I have to say Ziplet is AMAZING! Since we have to track student engagement via distance learning it’s great to give them just a quick Ziplet question and see all their responses populate."

Amazing app!!
Dorian Herron
New York, USA

"I wasn't really sure what to expect when I tried Ziplet, except that I was looking for more engagement, and one of the things I really feel is that I've gotten more REAL engagement."

Very effective

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