Homework check-ins
Help students reflect on how they went with their homework
What are they:

Homework check-ins are questions designed to provide a layer of support and garner a level of insight into students’ experiences with their homework.

They help create a more constant flow of light touch points between teachers and students, and allow teachers to observe issues with the set homework before the next class, streamlining subsequent lesson plans.

  • Understand student progress before following lesson
  • Understand how students are coping with homework workload
  • Voice issues with comprehension when they occur
  • Feel supported all week
Example questions:
How did you go with tonight’s homework?
Emoji Response
Do you have any questions from tonight’s homework?
Text Response
How difficult did you find this week’s homework tasks?
Scale Response
How long did it take you to complete tonight’s homework?
Multiple Choice
Follow up activities:
  • Analyze responses to check for general comprehension gaps or individual comprehension gaps
  • Address issues with homework tasks at the beginning of class the next day
Pro tip:

When students find the assigned homework generally difficult, address the issues at the beginning of the next day, with the whole class.

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