Teacher appreciation
Encourage students to reflect what they enjoy about your teaching
What are they:

Teacher appreciation questions ask students for their opinions on why their teacher is a positive force in their learning experience.

It focuses on eliciting positive responses that specifically underscore the best facets and aspects of a teacher and their lessons. 

  • Understand the reasons why students value them as educators
  • Gratification from positive responses
  • Opportunity to celebrate the positive impact teachers have made on them
  • Promotes student voice and agency, as it is emphasized the students’ opinions are important 

Example questions:
What is the best thing I do as your teacher?
Text response
What is your favorite thing about me as your teacher?
Text response
What is a time I have helped you learn better as your teacher?
Text response
Follow up activities:
  • Enjoy the responses!
  • Analyze the general responses to gain insights into your strengths as a teacher
Pro tip:

Share some of your favorite shared moments as a teacher with the class as a warm up to teacher appreciation questions. This positively affirms your students and gets them in the right frame of mind.

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