Goal setter
Help students contextualize and plan how they will achieve positive outcomes
What are they:

Goal setters give students a chance to stop, think about and prepare for their learning. They can focus on both the upcoming content as well as the approach students will take to learning. 

Lots of research highlights the connection between setting goals and student achievement. This research has also discerned a positive connection between goals and student motivation.

Similar research emphasizes the power of students taking time to set goals, linking the practice to improved student focus on desired outcomes and a clearer perceived direction for success.

A key way start of week goal setters support an improvement in student learning is that they teach students metacognition. There is strong evidence that metacognition (teaching students to think about their thought patterns and behaviors) has a positive effect on student outcomes.

  • Helps students do their own planning
  • Helps students focus on the task/s at hand
  • Forethought and light preparation improve the likelihood of a successful outcome for students
  • Promotes student ownership of learning
Example questions:
What are two goals you have for your project?
Text Response
What would you like to accomplish in this project?
Text Response
What do you think are three keys to success for this project?
Text Response
What is one goal you have for this week?
Text Response
What are you excited to complete this week?
Text Response
Follow up activities:
  • Ask students to document their goals and ambitions
  • Remind students during the week to check their goals
  • Ask goal reflection questions
Pro tip:

Encourage students to focus on quantifiable, measurable goals, so that they are able to tangibly visualize their progress throughout and at the end of the project.

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