Integration announcement: Veracross SIS

Cam, Head of Product

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Veracross, allowing schools using the Veracross SIS to easily integrate Ziplet into their environment and permit single sign-on (SSO) for teachers and students. 

With Ziplet, teachers can quickly check for knowledge gaps, increase engagement and build stronger relationships with students. 

Teachers and schools frequently use Ziplet to:

  • Run exit tickets 
  • Undertake formative assessment
  • Check on student well-being
  • Support social and emotional learning
  • Manage goal setting and reflection
  • Prompt lesson reflection 
  • Evaluate school-wide experiences

"We're very pleased to be integrating with Veracross, which offers one of the world's leading Student Information Systems. For teachers who use both Veracross and Ziplet, this will enable them to access the benefits of both platforms in a seamless way. We're excited by the potential of this partnership."
Ziplet CEO, Ben Barnett

Getting started

For existing Veracross school administrators:
Go to the Identity & Access Management homepage and locate the Ziplet record. On the Scopes tab, add the SSO (Single Sign-On) option to the Active OAuth Scopes section. Once added, click the Update button.

For more information about school-wide implementations and licensing, head to our Ziplet for schools page to get in touch.

For existing Ziplet teachers
Ask your school administrator to turn Ziplet on in your school's Veracross environment.

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