New features: Question Timing and Management

Cam, Head of Product

We've added 3 features that make checking in with your students even easier.

  1. Save questions for later
  2. Ask repeating questions in classic classes
  3. Auto close questions

Learn more about each new feature below.

1. Save questions for later

Created a question but aren't ready to share right away? Now you can save a question until it's ready to go to your students.

When creating a question, simply select "Save for later". When you're ready to ask your question, click into your class, scroll down to "planned questions", click the ellipsis (...) and ask the question.

Screenshot: Auto close questions

2. Ask repeating questions in Classic Classes

In your Ziplet classic classes, you can now set your questions to ask once or repeat every weekday, weekly, two weeks, or month. This gives you consistent data on your students over time.

Scheduled questions will close and open again, saving student responses into "rounds". These responses can be viewed in your results giving you insight into how student responses have changed over time. Students will also receive a notification, letting them know a question is waiting for them to respond.

Access this feature on Ziplet Plus. Try it free for 30 days.

Screenshot: repeating questions

3. Auto close questions

Keep your classes tidy and stop your students responding to old questions.

With auto close you can set a duration to leave a question open for, after which it will close to new answers from students.

Access this feature on Ziplet Plus. Try it free for 30 days.

Try these new features in your Ziplet account. If you've not already, now is a great time to try Ziplet Plus free for 30 days, risk free.

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