10 Day Check-in Challenge

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This article contains information to support your participation in the 10 Day Check-in Challenge.

The aim of the challenge is to help you to build a habit of checking in more regularly with your students. 9 out of 10 Ziplet teachers identify changes they have made to better support their students through only a month of regular check-ins. During this time, any responses gathered will contribute to your Challenge total.

Checking in with your students is important, with research showing that regular student check-ins and feedback can accelerate a student's learning growth by up 2 times across a year.

Checking in with your students can take many forms, including:

Across the challenge we suggest you aim to ask 1 question per day to your class or classes, to build the habit of more regularly checking in with your students. Doing so will help you:

  • Better understand how your students are learning
  • Uncover things about students and how they learn
  • Model care and concern for your students
  • Build relationships with your students
  • Build the habit of more regularly incorporating student check-ins into your teaching and planning

A few tips to be prepared:

Get set up
  1. Create a class
    You have two options in Ziplet. Connect classes let you react and reply to students. With GO! classes, your students don't need an account to respond. Both are quick and easy to set up. Read more here.
  2. Create a question ready for your students
    Making sure you have a question ready for your students when they first log in will help them understand what Ziplet is all about. Write your own questions or copy from the library. You can ask now or schedule for later.
  3. Introduce Ziplet to your students in class
    This part is critical. Helping your students understand why you're using Ziplet will help them understand its importance and help set expectations.

You can find more information about getting started with Ziplet here.

Develop your routine

Setting a routine can give you powerful insights over time. It can also help clarify the type of questions you'll ask and lets students know they'll be a regular part of the teaching process.

Consider a daily bellringer, and daily exit ticket, complemented by a weekly SEL check-in.

Tips for great check-ins:

  • Ask a question a day (either in the same or different classes)
  • Run your check-ins during or at the end of class, making time for students to respond
  • Take a few minutes each day to review responses and allow for reflection on any changes you may make to future classes
  • If you are using Connect classes, react or reply to students as required. Otherwise acknowledge responses in class.

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