4 new features in Ziplet that make exit tickets easy

Steph, Community Support

Exit tickets should be easy. That’s why Ziplet has added 4 helpful features that make exit tickets easier than ever. 

1. GO! Classes - Students can answer questions without logging in

Share your questions instantly without students having to log in. Perfect for students without email addresses, one off classes, or if you simply don’t want to sign up your students.

Just give students a short 6 digit pin to enter when they visit ziplet.com/go and start receiving their responses instantly.

2. Sign in with Microsoft (and Google or email)

Keep your logins simple. Teachers and students can now log in to Ziplet using their Microsoft accounts as well as Google or their own email accounts. 

With students logged in, you can also send them automated reminders and notifications so they’ll never miss a Ziplet.

3. Visualise students’ responses in a word cloud

Word clouds make it easy to spot themes in students’ responses by showing you the top 10 most common words in their replies. This saves you time understanding responses, leaving you more time for teaching.

4. More template questions

We’ve expanded our list of template questions. Find inspiration from Ziplet’s list of 73 questions covering 11 categories including:

  • Exit tickets
  • End of year student reflection
  • End of year class review
  • Remote learning
  • Classroom climate
  • Student wellbeing
  • Student reflection
  • Exam and assessment preparation
  • Relationship builders
  • Growth mindset
  • Student voice

If you want to try exit tickets and student feedback but aren’t sure where to start, template questions make it easy.

We're always adding new features and ways to make exit tickets easier. If you haven't already, you can try all of these features in your Ziplet account.

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