6 Ziplet features you might have missed

Tal, Teacher

We're always talking with teachers on Ziplet to get feedback and answer questions. We've noticed a few questions come up often, and we wanted to share a few of the features that most commonly go unnoticed.

1. Connect Ziplet with your Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it, but connecting Ziplet with your Google Classroom or Teams is the easiest way to add students and notify students of new questions.

If you’re a Classroom or Teams teacher, simply click on the “import” button next to “create a class” in your Ziplet account. Follow the steps to connect your account. You can select which classes you want to import and add your students in under 1 minute.

Now when you ask a question you can select to share it straight to your Google Classroom stream or Teams channel. 

Learn how to connect Google Classroom to Ziplet.

2. Share a class code to get replies

Sometimes it isn’t practical or desirable to have your student register. That’s where GO! Classes come in.

GO! Classes let you give students a link and a class code. They simply enter the code and can answer questions right away. No account needed.

You can create a GO! Class when you set up a new class in your Ziplet account. Just click “Create a Class” and then select “GO! Class”

3. Use Ziplet with students under 13

When students under the age of 13 create a Ziplet account we ask you to confirm that they have permission or seek permission from their parents. This is a requirement under the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

However, permission are only required when students register an account online.

GO! Classes are a great solution when you want to get going without the extra admin. 

By using GO! Classes, your students no longer need to create an account, meaning you will no longer require permission.

4. Export your class data for easier grading or analysis

Many teachers tell us they use Ziplet for graded work. But copying across the data from your Ziplet account can be time consuming. 

Did you know you can export you class data to a spreadsheet? This makes it easier to keep a record of student responses over time and add your own grading or analysis.

To export your class data go to class settings, then hit the export button. 

This feature is available for Ziplet Plus teachers. If you’re not already using Ziplet Plus, you can try it free for 30 days

5. Send the same reply to multiple students

How often do your students face similar issues with their learning? Replying to each student individually can be a time consuming and laborious process. 

Ziplet Plus teachers can filter students based on their responses or select them individually and send a message to all students. 

What’s more, the messages are sent individually, rather than as a group, so you can still maintain student privacy when addressing similar issues across the class.

Watch this short video to learn more about filtered messaging. 


6. See how responses change over time

Many teachers ask the same question on a regular basis. This can be helpful for understanding changes in student confidence in the subject or general well-being.

What you might not know is that you can see how responses to questions change over time using the rounds feature in Ziplet. 

To use rounds, simply close a question when you’re done with it, then “Ask again” by clicking the menu options for that question. Once you’ve done this you can access “filter by round” in your response dashboard.


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