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Ziplet replaces surveys to give easy, continuous insight into student engagement and wellbeing.
When schools create a culture of feedback, they send a strong signal to students that they care about their point of view.”
– Education Endowment Fund

Ziplet makes student feedback simple

We give teachers everything they need to ask the right question at the right time, and gather insights to improve the learning experience for all.

Ask students questions instantly

Manage your classes and responses

School-wide results in one place

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Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) gathered student feedback data in areas critical to school strategy. Learn  how they drove improved results across every strategic objective within 1 term of using Ziplet.

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Teacher, Australia

"Ziplet gives me incredible insight to build teacher and student relationships and then improve the learning outcomes of my students."


Director of Teaching & Learning, AUS

“Connecting with Ziplet has offered a huge opportunity to make an impact on teaching and learning. Staff engage students in questions that can alter the delivery of curriculum and students have the ability to be more involved in the learning process”


Teacher, USA

“Students are our greatest teachers too, they get us thinking. Ziplet makes me feel empowered, it's very user friendly. You have to see how this works - it's so easy!”

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Ziplet's feature set makes it the easiest and fastest way to understand your students
Send in an instant
Customise responses
All data in one place
Control anonymity
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