17 Inspiring teachers to follow on Instagram

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Do you use social media for teaching ideas?

Dr Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn, a senior education lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, positions social media as providing opportunities for teachers to inspire each other.
Teachers from all over the world are sharing tips and resources that are practical and engaging.

We’ve curated our list of the top 17 Instagram teachers to follow, covering everything from K-12, including traditional Math and English, as well as languages, art, science, social studies and more.  

Get your thumbs ready for some serious and purposeful scrolling!


Amber is an American Kindergarten teacher.  Her posts are a practical reflection of her teaching, with an emphasis on classroom design, book suggestions and English and Math content.
What you’ll love: she posts clear and helpful examples of anchor charts to highlight her teaching.


If you’re looking for educational and fun Science experiments, especially for older students, Chris Kesler has got you covered.  

What you’ll love: he shares samples of students’ experiments, coupled with interesting scientific facts.



Joanne Miller is a 3rd and 4th grade teacher.  She champions student voice through her posts, regularly sharing how she involves students in the learning process.  

What you’ll love: her colorful and engaging resources, and the fun manner in which she engages her students.


If you’re looking for picture book inspiration, Derek Visser’s account is one to follow.  A K-5 specialist, he reviews each book and offers teaching tips.  

What you’ll love: Derek’s tone is humorous and engaging, and his page is full of relatable teaching memes to boot.


Erin Castillo is a special education teacher with expertise in mental health.  Her posts focus on motivation and self-care.

What you’ll love: Erin uses colorful images and quotes to promote the importance of mental health in an accessible manner.


For all things Algebra and Geometry, be sure to follow Rory Yakubov.  She focuses on increasing student knowledge of Math concepts and lesson suggestions for teachers.  

What you’ll love: her step-by-step walkthrough videos on different Math concepts and tips.


Patti Firth’s account is chock full of instructional videos for teachers.  Her approach is kind, honest and helpful.    

What you’ll love: Patti hosts a regular podcast with over 200 episodes, covering topics such as classroom management, teaching strategies and subject specific teaching tips.


Jenny’s art based profile is any art teacher’s dream, but is a great resource for all teachers looking for creative inspiration.

What you’ll love: you’ll be sure to find ideas for any special occasion, such as Mother’s day and Christmas.  


Lauralee Moss is an ELA teacher.  Her resources are practical and clear, and cover all elements of teaching English.  

What you’ll love: she regularly includes book recommendations and reviews which will help you provide your students with a variety of interesting reads.


The emphasis of this account is on how to teach Math with creativity, and it does so in spades.  The resources and videos cover Math concepts all the way from K-12.

What you’ll love: the countless templates for teaching Math in a meaningful and fun manner.


Looking for creative ways to engage students in social studies?  Then this history teacher’s account is the one for you.  Whether it be American or world history, it’s got it all.  

What you’ll love: Almost every post is a tangible sample of student work sure to inspire you.


Are you a French or Spanish teacher?  This is a great place for fun language based ideas.  The posts are bright, informative and practical.

What you’ll love: Many of the resources are free, and can be accessed here.


Betsy Potash brings you a creativity bonanza, including her helpful podcast.
Her posts focus on high school English teaching.      

What you’ll love: she promotes hexagonal thinking in a supportive and engaging manner.


Are you looking for some useful classroom behavior tips and tricks?  Look no further than Jenny Foster, an educator who is passionate about revolutionizing classroom culture.  

What you’ll love: Jenny’s tips on how to set up safe and calm spaces for students in the classroom.


Shana is a technology integration specialist, posting on all things tech in the classroom.
She features easy to follow and helpful technology tips and tutorials.

What you’ll love: being a Google Certified Educator, she has plenty of great suggestions on how to integrate Google into your teaching.


If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for crafty classroom projects, this is the perfect place.  From suggestions on how to renovate school furniture to classroom organization, they’ve got you covered.

What you’ll love: their great ideas on how to declutter your classroom.


Curated by a teacher librarian, this page is filled with fun and engaging library resources.  Each post is jam packed with book suggestions or book activities.

What you’ll love: the resources for Book Week are comprehensive and easy to follow.

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