How can exit tickets kickstart differentiated teaching?

Steph Wood

As teachers, we want our students to achieve their best.  To ensure that no student is left behind.  

Differentiated instruction is a key tool to support learning outcomes.  It caters to the needs of individual students.

Differentiating involves adjusting the content, process and product of a learning experience.

Content is adjusted based on prior knowledge and expectations of learning from individual students.

We tailor the process by changing our teaching methods, such as explicit teaching or collaborative learning.  

We also adjust the product by diversifying the success criteria, by the completion of authentic learning tasks, or by asking students to teach others, for example.

Where to start? It helps to first understand where your students are at so you can provide the best support for their knowledge level. 

In the following video, you will learn how to differentiate successfully using Ziplet by:

  • Quickly finding out where students are at using an exit ticket
  • Segmenting and communicating to a group of students
  • Making changes and checking back in

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