5 questions that help build strong student-teacher relationships

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Better teacher-student relations promote student academic performance.

Research has demonstrated that developing positive relationships between a teacher and student is a fundamental aspect of quality teaching and student learning. Positive teacher-student relationships promote a sense of belonging and encourage students to participate cooperatively.

A helpful starting point for building relationships with students is to get to know them better. The following questions are designed to help you do just that. We’ve added a new set of questions, available to teachers in Ziplet Plus. Read them below or login to your account to try them for yourself.


1. What's one skill you have that makes you unique?

Teaching is about challenging students at just the right level. In an ideal world, students feel confident in their abilities, but this is not always the case for all students.

The skills we take pride in are a good indication of where we feel most confident. This question gives students the opportunity to share something that makes them feel confident, unique and proud and helps you recognise their strengths outside of your subject matter.


2. What's one goal you're currently working on outside of class?

Setting goals is a powerful tool for personal growth. Asking students about their goals outside of class can help them reflect on what other areas of their personal development they want to focus on.

It also helps you understand the things that are important to your students, potentially allowing you to frame teaching around those themes.


3. What's your favourite activity to do outside of class?

We’re not just about skills, goals and learning. A big part of our lives are, hopefully, about enjoying ourselves outside of school.

Getting to know what your students enjoy outside of the classroom helps understand your students on a more personal level, and also gives you an opportunity to share your own passions in return. “Who knew Mrs Smith was in a Nirvana cover band!”.


4. What's your greatest strength?

This question gives students another opportunity to share something that gives them confidence.

Asking the question over Loop also lets them respond away from their peers, helping shy students share something that’s important to them. It also gives you the opportunity to reinforce their self-confidence by reiterating that you see this strength in them too.


5. What's your superpower?

This fun little question is an opportunity to let your students' imaginations fly and can break the ice with new groups. It’s another question that gives your students the chance to share what makes them proud and for you to celebrate their confidence.



Building a positive relationship with students is such a big part of teaching. It can make the difference between stress-filled lessons, or a lifetime of inspired learning.

We hope these questions give you a helpful starting point for getting to know your students.

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