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Ziplet is the easiest way to run digital exit tickets, daily bellringers and SEL checks with your students.
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Loved by teachers in 150 countries and 15,000 schools

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Quickly check if students ‘got’ the lesson

“I love Ziplet. I often run exit tickets asking students their main takeaway from our lesson that day, to direct my teaching the following day.”
Mike, Social Studies Teacher, Dallas TX

Build positive relationships with students

“Asking daily SEL questions on Ziplet has helped me create positive relationships with students and to empower students to have a voice in their education.”
Kiara, English Teacher, Scottsdale AZ

Connect with students that need extra support

“I've been so happy ever since I signed up! I like it a lot, especially to do wellness checks on the kids. It's super convenient.”
Sarah, Grade 6 Teacher, Redding CA

Increase your teaching impact in seconds

Instant exit tickets

Ziplet is the fastest way to run exit tickets to check for gaps in knowledge.

Engaging bellringers

Get your students ready for learning with quick activities and learning prompts.

More meaningful SEL

Get more active participation with private or anonymous responses to SEL prompts.

Faster in-class polls

Create in-class polls in less than 30 seconds that build engagement and collaboration.

Easy formative assessment

From quick checks to longer quizzes. Ziplet lets you gather student data and easily spot who got it, and where further support is needed.

No student accounts needed

Share your class code to let your students respond without a username or password.

Backed by research, Ziplet improves learning outcomes

Student check ins are universally cited as low cost but high impact approach to improving student outcomes.
  • Accelerate student learning up to 2x per year through student check ins

  • Build trust-based relationships between teachers and students

  • Improve student motivation, engagement and academic performance.

9 out of 10 teachers found ways to better support their students within 4 weeks
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Get instant student insights

  • Send a question to your students in under 30 seconds

  • Students can reply instantly without creating an account or log in for additional features

  • Pick from a library of 250+ best practice questions, or write your own

Give shy and quiet students a voice

  • Support shy and quiet students by providing a safe space for them to reply

  • Let every student know they've been heard with quick responses

  • Reply directly to individuals or groups of students

Take action with confidence

  • Make confident decisions about your teaching and planning based on quality student feedback

  • Choose where to focus your attention by spotting trends in your feedback data

  • Make changes that improve outcomes for your class right now, not next term

Try faster, easier student check-ins today

Seamless integration

Import and sync classes and students
1-click log in with Google or Microsoft
Share invitation to class channel or stream
Post notifications new questions and announcements

“I love Ziplet! In fact, I have recommended it to literally every teacher I know!"

- Jane, Teacher, Oregon

Try faster, easier student check-ins today
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