Student support check
Understand what additional support students need to progress
What are they:

Student support questions aim to gain insight into how students perceive the level of support they currently receive.

This allows teachers to isolate where (for both individual students and the class as a whole) opportunities to bolster support may lie.

  • Understand where the gaps are in their students’ support networks in their learning community
  • Identify most impactful opportunities to increase support for students 
  • Identify students that require more support
  • Help students feel supported by their teachers
  • Help students feel valued within the learning community
Example questions:
How could I better support you as a learner?
Text response
How supported do you feel in our class?
1-7 Scale
What could I do to make you feel supported in this class?
Text response
What is one part of our class where I could better support you?
Text response
How can I help you feel more confident in our class?
Text response
Follow up activities:
  • Analyze responses to understand pervasive trends in the class
  • Test new mechanisms to provide additional support where required 
  • If adjustments improve responses, implement permanent mechanisms

A full list of questions you can use in your class can be found in Ziplet’s question library.

Pro tip:

Go over results (where appropriate) as a class. Word clouds can be a great demonstration to highlight where the class is going well and struggling, and can be used by the teacher to assure students the relevant adjustments to their support will be made.

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