Goal reflection
Help students contextualize and reflect on what they accomplished
What are they:

Goal reflections give students a chance to stop, think about and reflect on a recently completed period of work or unit. They are questions that encourage students to think closely about their performance during that time, and evaluate that performance relative to their set goals. This in turn informs students’ future goals as they can base new goals on how they went previously. 

As with all post activity reflection, goal  reflections improve the quality of students’ ‘thinking and learning’. Focusing on how students’ achieved or completed their work helps them own the process as their own. 

Reflecting on a students’ successes and celebrating the progress made reinforces the importance of effort and recognizes improvements.

  • Discern which parts of the goal were most impactful for students
  • Identify aspects of goal setting that work best for future use
  • Help students understand where they best applied their learning to achieve goals, giving a clear indication of how to act next time
  • Draw a connection between goal setting and achievement
Example questions:
How did you go against your learning goals?
1-7 Scale
How well did you perform against your goals this week?
1-7 Scale
What is one thing you found difficult in achieving your goals this week?
Text Response
How can you apply what you learned in this project to your own life?
Text Response
How would you rate this project? Why?
1-7 Scale
Follow up activities:
  • Review collective performance
  • Discuss learnings as a group and ask students what they will do differently in the next project
  • Follow up by asking “What can you do differently next week to help achieve your goals?”
Pro tip:

Ask students to reflect on the goals they have set and compare those to how they have gone in the class. This encourages students to not only reflect on their process, but consider how it might be improved the next time.

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