End of term evaluation
Get feedback that helps improve your approach to teaching a topic or subject
What are they:

End of term or end of course evaluations provide students with the opportunity to tell teachers how well they were able to learn and understand during the relevant period of time. 

For teachers they are a great way to gain insights specific to courses or material taught during a term, that allow them to understand where their teaching was most and least effective.

  • Check how well students have understood particular lessons or course modules
  • Identify adjustments for subsequent courses
  • Voice challenges or issues they faced during the term / course
  • Promotes learning ownership
Example questions:
What’s one change I should make to this subject?
Text Response
How well were you able to understand this course?
1-7 Scale
How would you rate your learning in my class this term?
1-7 Scale
What was the hardest topic to understand this term?
Text Response
What was the best unit of this course for you?
Text Response
Follow up activities:
  • Analyze average responses from scale based questions and general themes from text based questions
  • Utilize results in lesson and course planning for future students
Pro tip:
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