Class Types in Ziplet

GO! class

A product shot of where students enter a PIN to access
  • Best for fast feedback - easy entry with GO! pin code

  • No student accounts required, great for shared devices

  • Perfect for students without email, or younger students

  • Fastest setup

Connect class

A product shot of students registering to join a class
  • Best for ongoing feedback and deeper analysis - quick student login with Google, Microsoft or email

  • React and reply to students with individual and group messaging

  • Class announcements and notifications

  • Import your classes quickly from Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

GO! class

Connect class

Student access
Import class from Google Classroom
Import class from Microsoft Teams
Emoji react and reply to students
Class announcements
Activity notifications for students
Question bank
Auto-close questions and repeat
Schedule questions
Optional student anonymity
Filter responses
Export class data