Student privacy best practice

Ziplet offers two class types, GO! and Classic, and as a teacher you may choose to use either or both. The method of consent for students under 13 to use Ziplet differ for each class type:
  • Creating a GO! Class allows students to answer your questions without creating accounts, or submitting their personal details. Student responses are associated with just a first name, entered by the student. By creating a GO! class, you give permission for your students to use Ziplet and for us to collect, use and disclose the personal information involved (if any) in accordance with the protections set out in our Privacy Policy.  You can withdraw this permission (and a student’s use of Ziplet) at any time.

    If you have any doubt about your authority to give this permission, we have provided a parent/guardian form to help.  
  • Creating a Classic Class will require your students to register to Ziplet to respond to your questions. 
    To do this, we ask for the minimal amount of information required to operate the platform: student name and email address. We also ask if students are under 13, and we will directly request parent consent to use Ziplet if they indicate they are. More information about managing parental consent is available in our Help Center.

We are committed to protecting any information collected in our platform, as well as adhering to privacy and security measures that are outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Parent's rights

As detailed in our Privacy Policy, upon request, a parent or guardian may access their child's personal information, and can also request correction or deletion of personal information we hold, and withdraw their consent for their child’s continued use of Ziplet.

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