Fast and easy student check-ins for all your teachers

Ziplet makes it easy for teachers and school leaders to check in with students and act on feedback

What if all of your teachers could check-in with their students quickly and easily?  

  • Equip your teachers with a classroom check-in tool containing a research-backed question library: wellbeing, formative assessment, SEL and more.

  • Your teachers can reply directly to student responses, helping you cultivate a culture of student feedback at your school.

  • Access school-wide insights; every teacher gets their own classroom data and school leadership accesses school performance data.

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A quick and easy tool that helps your teachers make an impact


of teachers identify changes to better support their students from feedback


of teachers self-identify as very confident using Ziplet after first use

1 in 2

students can identify changes made by their teachers after one term with Ziplet

Over 70 research-backed questions for your teachers to use

  • A customizable range of questions your teachers can use in minutes to support your school strategy

  • Ask and schedule repeat questions for consistent tracking of progress over time.

  • Students can reply anonymously, supporting authentic feedback culture.

Access your school data admin dashboard

  • See which teachers are checking in with their students

  • Be truly data-driven with aggregated daily data across all your school segments

  • Customize the questions your teachers ask

We keep your data safe

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Discover the power of student feedback at your school

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Teachers access 70+ best practice questions

Exit tickets
Formative assessment
Student voice
Social emotional learning
Student wellbeing
Student reflection

Ziplet is the world's leading feedback and exit ticket tool for schools

  • Equip your teachers with a classroom check-in tool containing a research-backed question library

  • Teachers gain insight into wellbeing and learning comprehension, to better understand their students

  • Compare progress between year level and subject areas over time

  • Access school-wide analytics to support data-driven decision making aligned with your school strategy