6 Ziplet Features That Make Exit Tickets Easy

Steph, Community Manager

Exit tickets should be easy. This quick guide shares some of the key features of Ziplet to help you send exit tickets, conduct wellbeing checks or prompt reflection in under 30 seconds, giving you confidence your students are on the right track.

Connect with Google Classroom

You can easily to import your students from from Google Classroom and share questions to your Google classes automatically. Simply connect your Google account on signup or when you create a new class and add your class.

If you’re not a Google Classroom teacher you can also add students by sharing the group code or adding them via email.

Ask a question in under 30 seconds

Asking a question is easy. You can write your own, select one of the saved questions, or pick from a selection of template questions developed by education experts.

Once you’ve set your question, you can customise the ways students can respond and send now or schedule for later. In all, it takes less than 30 seconds to ask your students a question on Ziplet.

When creating a question you can select from a range of response types including open text, multiple choice, reaction (emojis) or scale. Use multiple responses types in a question to get both quantitative and qualitative data. For example, you might use reaction and text together to first understand how students are feeling and then understand why.

Save your favourite questions

Saving a question lets you pick it from the template questions the next time you want to use it, so you don’t have to type it out every time.

Access all student responses in one place

Student responses are all kept in one place so you can easily find and review them when you're ready.

When students reply using scales or reactions, their responses are automatically summarised in a chart to help you analyze their responses.

Filter responses and reply to all

Ziplet Plus users can filter responses. This lets you see which students had a similar response and what comments they have made. This helps you to spot patterns, and follow up on students with similar issues.

To make it even easier to follow up you can message all the students included in the response filter by clicking “Message selection”.

Send announcements to your class

Announcements let you quickly send a message to your class. Students receive an email, a prompt in Ziplet, and notification on their phone if they have the Ziplet app installed, giving you a quick and convenient way to reach all your students in a way that's intuitive for them.

Try them for yourself

Try out these features for yourself by asking your students a question in your Ziplet account. Not a member yet, no problem. Join now to claim your free Ziplet account.

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