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From 4th to 29th October, thousands of teachers will be taking part in the 4-week challenge to make exit tickets a regular part of their teaching practice. 

We want you to join them!

We'll be sharing tips and incentives to help you get going, with discounts and prizes including up to $100 towards your Amazon wishlist.

You'll also have a chance to share ideas with other teachers and read about their experiences.

Taking part is easy. If you've already joined Ziplet simply visit the 4-week challenge page to register your interest and from the 4th October every response you receive from your students will be counted towards your total. 

How Does It Work?

1. Log in to Ziplet

Make sure you're logged into your Ziplet account. If haven't signed up yet, you can join free here.

2. Join the challenge

Visit the challenge page to sign up. We’ll send you more information about taking part. You’ll also get 1 month of Ziplet Plus free, and a 10% discount when the challenge starts.

3. Ask your students regular questions

From October 4th, every student response will count towards your total score. We’ll send you fortnightly updates to let you know how you’re going.

4. Be rewarded

When you reach 200 responses, we’ll send you a 20% discount for Ziplet Plus.

If you’re in the top 10 teachers at the end of the challenge you'll receive $100 towards your Amazon wishlist (or similar) plus Ziplet Plus access free for a year.


Over the 4 weeks, we’re sharing rewards based on the total number of responses collected, as well as discounted access to Ziplet Plus for all who take part.

Top 10 teachers

100 towards your Amazon wishlist + 1 year free access to Ziplet Plus

Teachers with 200+ responses

20% off Ziplet plus

All Participants

10% Off Ziplet Plus and 1 month free.

Common Questions

Does it cost anything to take part?

No. The 4 Week Challenge is completely free. 

How will I know how I’m going?

We’ll provide regular updates throughout the challenge. You can also see how many responses you have for each class in your account. 

 What is a response? 

A response is a reply from your students to a question asked in Ziplet.

 I don't have an Amazon wishlist, can I still receive a prize?

Yes. We will work with you to provide a $100 value prize to support your teaching. 

 Do I need a Ziplet Plus account to take part?

You don't need a Ziplet Plus account to take part, however, it will give you access to additional features that make it easier to collect student feedback. You can try it free for one month by upgrading your account. 

 I have already upgraded to Ziplet Plus, can I still get a discount?

Yes. Once you have your coupon code you can change your subscription in your account. 

Where can I ask questions and connect with other Ziplet teachers?

We will be creating an exclusive Facebook group for teachers participating in the challenge.

Make your opinion count

Answer a Ziplet exit ticket and let us know what you think of this post. No login required.

Go to and enter the GO! Code:

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